Dreamville – Sunset Mp3 feat. J. Cole & Young Nudy

j cole sunset mp3 free download
j cole sunset mp3 free download

Dreamville – Sunset Mp3 (feat. J. Cole & Young Nudy

J Cole sunset mp3 free download: Dreamville comes through with another smashing new song titled “Sunset” (feat. J. Cole & Young Nudy) and is available for streaming and fast download

Listen and download J cole sunset mp3 below


DOWNLOAD - J Cole Sunset Mp3 Here




J cole sunset mp3 Quotable Lyrics 

Nig**s want smoke, mmh
Niggas want smoke, I want it too, mmh
Niggas want, mmh, niggas want, mmh
(Chasethemoney, CHASETHEMONEY), mmh
Niggas want smoke, I want it too
Roses are red, my diamonds are blue
Pockets is green, a permanent hue
My niggas get work like assignments is due
Just made a mil’, I counted it once
I think I go spread it around in the slums
2-6 boy, that’s where I’m from
Help me get used to the sound of the drum
Rolls Royce riding down Sunset
I must get a crib in LA
Fuck a nigga finna tell me?
Catch him slipping, send him to Raleigh
Big ass chopper make God flinch
Ducking from the boys in the field
Just as good as poison with the steel
Hesitation always get you killed, nigga
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