Fetty Wap Cuban Links MP3


Fetty Wap Cuban Links MP3

Fetty Wap Cuban Links (ZooMix) MP3 download

Fetty wap Cuban links mp3: Fetty wap releases yet another smashing hit song titled “Cuban links” and is available for your streaming and fast download.

Listen and download Fetty wap Cuban links mp3 below👇


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Fetty Wap Cuban Links ZooMix Quotable  lyrics

2020 vision
I go by the name Fetty Wap
It’s just how I’m feelin’I been down bad, nigga for mad years
This vision I have now, nigga it’s mad clear
I’m tryna count that cash, do that dash in a new McLaren
Money got blew [?] niggas know [?]
I wonder why when I walk past all these bitches stare
I’m smoking loud when I light it I know you hear it
Nigga really going through some shit I was unaware
Lesson of the day, everybody is not your peers
If they talking down it’s just emotion of fear
Tryna talk about my money I ain’t never been scared
I’m loyal to the bone when a nigga start to think about it
Wasn’t really nothing I wouldn’t do and wouldn’t blink about it
Really hurt me deep started playing with my future
My kids gotta eat I stood tall like a soldier
Ten toes deep in a mud with it
That pain get numb when that drugs [?]







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